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Why Choose Natural Remedies
Flower and Shell Essences

As Naturopaths we understand that healing a sick person involves more than just treating the physical symptoms of illness. Our physical health is influenced by our way of thinking, our feelings and our emotions. When we think negatively, unhappily and destructively, ill health often follows because our thoughts have a powerful influence on our health. Flower and shell essences provide a gentle, powerful, and positive influence in our lives to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Flower and shell essences are used to help overcome worries and fears and feelings such as hopelessness, unhappiness, apathy, resignation and lack of confidence. They contain the healing properties of particular flowers or shells in liquid form, administered as drops in the mouth without any unpleasant taste. The essences are inexpensive, and completely safe for children and adults of all ages, with no risk of side effects or adverse interaction with any other medicines.

Appropriate combinations of essences are individually formulated using a number of different diagnostic procedures. Essence Affinity Diagnosis provides a very simple and effective means of ascertaining which essences are required by a particular person, without them being obliged to divulge or discuss issues in detail. This diagnostic procedure is particularly accurate and useful in many situations, for example with children and teenagers who may be unable or reluctant to explain their feelings. It can also used for adults with the advantage that they are not obliged to fully disclose their issues.

Some examples of where flower essences may assist include:

  • Emotional problems experienced by children, teenagers and students
  • Relationship issues with partners and with families and step-families (all ages)
  • Coping with stress and anxiety
  • Adjustment to change
  • Grief
  • Feelings of lack of confidence and poor self esteem
  • Feelings of frustration and anger
  • As a complement to other therapies, such as Counselling, Psychotherapy, Naturopathic treatment, Massage therapy, Kinesiology.

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