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Why Choose Natural Remedies

Kinesiology is often called muscle balancing or energy balancing.
It helps the body into a better position to heal itself or reach a specified goal by balancing its energies.

Kinesiology is a physical therapy that involves light touch, gentle exercising and breathing with no pain involved.
It can help identify nutritional lack or excess,  help clear negative emotional components such as pain,
stimulate integration of muscle groups and improve physical co-ordination.

Muscle testing used by Kinesiologists does not measure the pure strength that a muscle can produce, but rather how
the nervous system controls its muscle functions.

 There are over two hundred bones connected to hundreds of muscles in the body. These all need to be working properly together, to enable
good lymph and blood supply throughout the body. Gentle corrections and alignments of these systems maybe applied to balance the body's structure.

 Muscle monitoring is used to assess what is functioning abnormally in the body be it a problem with the nervous system, lymphatic drainage,
vascular supply to an organ or a nutritional excess or deficit. However these are only some of the areas where Kinesiology maybe useful, to find out more about how it can be helpful for you
or if you have a question about Kinesiology please contact us.

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